Outlook On a Social Paradyme Shift

Having been cognizant of the morays of society since the late 1950’s to now It is amusing in some ways and sad in others at the shift in social focus from one end of the spectrum to the opposite end. The 60’s were challenging due to society’s perception of the involvement in Southeast Asia, the “Civil Rights” movement, The diffuse focus on what was driving the economy, and the political situation of that era.

Racism was not started in the United States or the British Colonies. It has existed globally for millennia. Society and cultural differences go back over 3000 years, The Middle east has known very few years of peace and no war. Does not make it right or wrong, it’s a fact. The Hebrews and the Muslims have been fighting over the same land Since the time of Abraham. The Egyptians conquered the same lands and lost them again, the Romans conquered North Africa, Egypt, the western China border then North to the Black Sea, and so forth. The Mongols Took all of that back to the black sea and south into Persia (Now Iran and Iraq) All these cultures some Barbaric, others considered Civilized, and all used forced labor (Slaves) to build their empires. No one color of skin mattered a slave could be from Northern Europe, Spain, Turkey Africa. It was still slavery. Does not make it right, it is just the facts.

We have gone from a country that started out as a British Colony, similar to Australia except that the majority of the colonists were coming here to escape religious persecution, although not all were here by choice as the English sent those that owed more than they could pay (Referred to as Debtors) to be a workforce as indentured servants. Most of them were never able to satisfy their debt. In the southern Colonies, The Slave trade became a lucrative business for some shift characters. What is most distressing was that many of the Africans were sold into slavery by their own people. Didn’t make it right, it is just the facts. Are the whites better than the others? NO! Not only no, but even worse it took a civil war to begin the end of slavery in the United States. But what is truly saddening is the way that the expansion of the United States claimed the lands of the Native Americans. Some of the tribes no longer exist, because the White man helped to end them. Now let us be fair in this analogy, so too did rival tribes assist in the decimation of some of the other tribes. Sadly those cultures, Customs, Languages, Art, Craftsmanship skills, and history have been lost, the same thing happened in Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, and many other areas around the globe.

How does that relate to the title of this article? We are in the middle of another shift and our very survival as a Democratic Republic is a stake. I’m not attempting to incite violence or insurrection just stating the facts! Our wonderful country with all its freedoms and liberties will disappear from its current form into something far less acceptable if we as the American Public do not start waking up and start paying attention to the truth! Ask your self “What is it about our country that is so enticing to the citizens of other nations around the globe, to make them flock here in droves attempting to get in without going through the proper procedures”? Simple, it used to be called the “American Dream”! No matter what your race, color, creed, culture, or religious beliefs, you can become a successful person, if you work hard, obey the laws (all of them, not just the ones that suit you), and believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. ALL THE LAWS mean just that! To enter this country legally, you must have a valid Visa, to Immigrate to this country you must go through the proper channels, and submit the proper paperwork. Once here you must work towards becoming a US citizen. Only after becoming a Naturalized Citizen are you fully protected by the Constitution. Only as a Naturalized Citizen do you receive the privilege to vote in the elections, and qualify for (If you meet the requirements) Social Security and Medicare. That means you have to work, earn a living, pay taxes and pay into the system. Currently, the borders are as porous as a stock fence laying on the ground. One merely walks across. Yes, some are caught but many others are not. Our government claims that the southern border is secure. The statistics from the Border patrol quickly show this to be false. Cartels are making money to smuggle human beings over our border. The Term “Human Trafficking” is an accurate description of how they operate. They charge the person a large amount of money to be smuggled into the United States. sometimes they take the money from the people and sell the children and women to be used as slaves in the sex trade. The cartels are also flooding our country with drugs from marijuana to fentanyl. The drug Fentanyl is so strong that ingesting one pill could lead to a deadly overdose. The cartel’s are cutting other recreational drugs with this pure fentanyl making them in pills that look like candy. This is their direct targeting of of our younger generations.

It is time, to stand up to those in our government that care more about their own power than following their oath of office. To protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic!

The Truth Behind the Rising Price of Fuel

Why has the cost of oil gone so high after being so low? If you listen to the current administration, they received a problem from the previous administration with the amount of oil being produced and with the price being very low. In all fairness the previous administration had increased the amount of drilling and fracking, encouraged expansion in offshore drilling, and opened federal lands for exploration and production. The Keystone XL pipeline was started and approved and was underway being built, despite the cries from the environmentalists and the anti-fossil fuel extremists. The first day of this president’s administration was spent writing executive orders eliminating the executive orders written by the previous administration, to include canceling the XL pipeline closing all federal lands to drilling, eliminating fracking and refusing to give new leases and new permits to drill. The president has said that through his spokesperson and in person that it’s not his fault his main goal was to totally eliminate Covert 19 and stop the pandemic.  Without getting into the heated debate of was the response to the pandemic in closing everything down the proper way or should we have just left everything open. The economy slowed, the demand for fuel decreased because nobody was traveling. When demand decreases and supply goes up prices go down. Simple economics! But as we began to lift the restrictions on staying at home, and as businesses began to open, another issue arose. There was a lag in the supply chain. This caused the economy to fall even further, the demand for fuel both personal and in transportation of course increased as people begin to get out the supply of crude oil to make this fuel was still low because production had been halted. The administration says there are 9000 permits that could be drilled upon and brought in to help increase this shortage. The truth is that these 9000 permits granted the owners the right to explore and by leases there are further regulations and permits that need to be acquired to drill. This administration has made it known that they are against the fossil fuel industry, they have made it known that they want to see more renewable energy immediately in the form of solar, wind energy and other green sources.

Moving forward, the price of gasoline jumped over a dollar and ½ before Russia invaded the Ukraine. As the global partners along with the United States have enforced sanctions on Vladimir Putin for his illegal invasion of the Ukraine the oil supply has diminished even further. It is this administration’s attitude towards the US petroleum industry that keeps us from actively pursuing new supplies. This administration would rather do business with the Saudi’s, who won’t even take the president’s call, the mullahs of Iran, which continue to say death to the infidels and in the West, and the dictatorship in Venezuela who is a Putin puppet.

Canada has offered to sell us more oil through existing pipelines and requests the construction of new pipelines to which this administration has said no! All the ideals of the socialist ‘Green New Deal” will inherently harm this country’s economy. Socialism is not the best way to move forward. Before the COVID-19 pandemic this country was on the way to becoming energy independent. We had even begun to export surplus crude. Even during the early year of the pandemic, we were still energy independent and exporting access. After the inauguration within this short period of a couple of days we that all went away with one executive order after another undoing everything the previous administration had done to help stimulate and boost this economy. This administration’s agenda has taken us down a difficult road with lack of fiscal resolve and the Fed not reacting sooner we will now start to see inflation rise to the point that we go into another recession. We survived the last recession and came out better and if the American people decide that their last choice in the election was not the right choice and start using common sense to elect people to office that have a positive agenda and not be merely seeking more power, then we will have a quick recovery. It is obvious that we do not want to lift the sanctions on Putin and his oligarchs even if he gets out of the Ukraine totally. It is not for me to say that Vladimir Putin needs to be removed from power that is for the Russian people to decide.

Who do you trust?

When faced with so many conflicting bits of information about the pandemic, who do you trust to be completely truthful? How can you make a decision when the “so called” experts keep changing what they think. The leading experts can not agree as to the simple task of wearing a mask is appropriate or how many masks should be worn at once. Shutting down the country is it good, or is it bad? Mandatory vaccinations; are they an appropriate measure or a violation of your civil rights? Will the Corona virus pandemic ever end? What could be or should be done to decrease the increase in infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Let’s examine what we think we know to be facts. This pandemic started in the Wuhan province of China. I will not fuel the conspiracy rhetoric and make a claim as to the origin. What is a fact is that this global pandemic may have been able to be contained had China been truthful. I’m referring to the Chinese government not the people as a whole. Admission that a highly contagious virus was affecting their own population would have helped tremendously in slowing the spread. Quarantine and travel prohibitions could have saved millions of lives globally. No finger pointing here. When there was an outbreak of ebola in Africa, a ban on travel was initiated and Quarantine measures were put into affect. After the spread was contained and heath care workers had assisted in caring for those infected, the travel restrictions were relaxed. At that time there was no vaccine to prevent it’s spread. Common sense prevailed and the use of proper precautions helped to slowly prevent further outbreaks. The SARS epidemic again started in Asia but did not reach the level of Global Pandemic. Once again the Chinese government was not completely forthcoming with the facts. It is not a surprise that Covid-19 spread so quickly as the Governments downplayed the spread. Travel from China should have been restricted and precautions should have been taken along with Travel bans from China to all the rest of the nations.

The American people were being given conflicting information about the infectious rate and once again common sense was ignored. The American public was being mislead by the media and what role the US government should be taking. The believers that we should not have safe and secure borders and allow everyone in without following the immigration laws and procedures to gain legal entry into the US played a large role in the increased rate of infection. Congress wrote the laws for legal immigration, but screamed at the top of their soapbox when those laws were attempted to be enforced. Covid – 19 has proven to be a virulent and highly infectious virus. It is now beginning to mutate. Each varient is as bad if not worse than the original. The researchers in the United States and a round the globe fast tracked development of a vaccine. This is were politicians should stop attempting to legislate our lives and screwing up everything. By using common sense, we would have, if utilized appropriately, could have helped prevent the tanking of the economy and the increase in infections.

Common sense would call for vaccinations, but not mandate them. The administration should not flagrantly issue executive orders to create laws. Setting policy is one thing, but creating laws without following the constitutional process through the legislative branch is tantimount to tyranny. Our border should be closed to any undocumented and non vaccinated people. Travel bans to areas of high infectious rates and new varients should be enforced. Pathways to travel from or to some of these Hotspot could be achieved with Travel requirements (i.e. Negative covid test 24 hours in advance of bording and documentation of immunization and boosters. Why should this be any different than the requirements for up to date immunizations before travel to different countries in Africa and other 3rd world countries. Polio, small pox, rubella diphtheria, are many of the required immunizations for forgiven travel. Why should COVID – 19 be any different? Again “Use of Common Sense!” The slow erosion of our civil liberties and freedom to choose has lead to the pushback against vaccination mandates and mask mandates. The administration is pushing even further by telling companies with >100 employees that they can legally fire employees that refuse to be vaccinated. According to a news update, that mandate has been upheld in federal court.

First responders are stretched extremely thin now, According to many states they can be fired without hesitation if they refuse to be vaccinated. Totally illogical… A shortage of first responders and you fire any of the remaining ones for refusing to take the vaccine…

Mask in public gatherings is common sense! While large public gatherings should be avoided if possible, use of common sense precautions would make them less dangerous. Hand washing, frequent use of hand sanitizers, n95 grade mask are simple yet and effective ways to decrease the risk of cross contamination and infections.

One final note, respect your fellow man, wear a mask when in crowded areas and large public gatherings, get vaccinated and take the boosters to help decrease the rapid spread and reinfection. Wash your hands frequently and sanitize surface areas where food is prepared. Pray for your friends and fellow man.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Hummingbirds – Comical and Calming

Photo by Robert Bottman

Every spring we hang hummingbird feeders around the yard to feed these wonders of nature. One feeder hangs outside my kitchen window so I can watch these flying comedians while I am at the sink or cooking. One sunny day, I walked up to the sink upset about something trivial when I saw that I was being watched by the “feeder guard” staring into the kitchen window. Yes he was perched on the top of the feeder guarding it from all others. He took flight when two others came to feed and chased them off. As he returned the same pair came to feed again and once again we chased out of the “air space” of the feeder. I stepped back for a moment and watched as the pursuit turned into a ballet of buzzing birds zooming past my vantage point. The little guardian would chase one or two off and while gone two others would come and feed. It was only then that I noticed that the feeder on our covered patio was empty. Having completely forgotten what I was upset about I quickly made a fresh batch of nectar (sugar water 3 to1 ratio) and continued to watch the comedy as I awaited it to cool. Once cooled I proceeded out to remove the feeder that was empty, on the patio and was “buzzed” several times while taking it in to clean and refill. Upon retuning it to the patio again I was “buzzed” by several little ones until I had rehung the feeder. This feeder being the larger of the two immediately had many visitors and when I returned to my window at the sink the “guardian” was taking a turn at his feeder, then back to his post. I kept chuckling to myself and returned to my office to finish what ever I had walked away from upset. Now chuckling and no longer upset the day continued with a much calmer tone. The pandemic had brought my wife back to work from home so she had witnessed part of this and asked “what is so funny?” I explained the events and she could not help from laughing. She said I guess they let you know that they were hungry. Just more mouth’s to feed in our menagerie.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The title is a direct quote from the Declaration of Independence, written in 1776.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Are our children being taught about the Declaration of Independence in schools? Are they being told the truth or some opinion of current educational preference? STOP!!!! BEFORE LAUNCHING A HEATED RESPONSE, read the whole article! Teachers are the ones that give the information to the students. For the most part they do a fantastic job but are sometimes restricted to doctrine set forth by the school board, local, state, and Federal Government’s. Don’t blame the teachers, blame the politicians and the bureaucracy created by them.

You can probably guess that I am an originality, and believe that the founding fathers took tremendous care in crafting the Founding Documents. They wrote many papers (See Federalist Papers) raising questions about what the government should have the powers to do and what it did not have the power to due. It was certainly not going to be another Monarchy. When it was all said and done it was not a Democracy but a Democratic Republic. The government was to be limited in it’s power and scope. It was written plainly, concisely, and displayed the true intent. It was then sent to the 13 states to be read and discussed, and ratified. While the Declaration of Independence, was written s a notice to King George, it was still agreed upon by the representatives from each of the colonies. Yes not every colonist wanted to break ties with England, but neither did every colonists want to be continued to be under the oppression of the English Crown. These are the facts, They fought a war to become Independent, and won.

What does that mean today? The framers never intended for the government to so big. They never intended for it to control every aspect of your life. The states were suppose to be sovereign and have the right to choose. So how did all this blow up to what it is today? Politicians seeking power and control started making laws to change the way it works. Political parties have set their own vision of what the government should be responsible for and guaranteed that they could do what the want in those pieces of legislation. The elected politicians were never suppose to serve in congress for life. While the number of House members is base on population in each state, the senate only gets 2 members from each state. The terms for service where defined, the term for the President was 6 years. Up until FDR, the president could serve as many times as he could be elected. That ended with his Election to his 4th term. That is the method the Framers of our Democratic Republic intended it to be done.

The “Founding Fathers” were not perfect. They had their own faults, but they understood the value of freedom and the value of having the right to self govern. They understood that Freedom isn’t free, it’s paid for with blood sweat and struggle. Our freedom was paid for by those that fought in the American Revolution and in every war or conflict since then.

What is the meaning of all this? Make sure that that future generations are taught the truth behind the formation of this country and what each of these Documents were and not what the current option of their meaning should be, but what the meaning was when they were written. That same principal exists today. The words did not change nor did the reason for them. We should respect these documents and protect them from being trashed or changed to pervert their meaning.

When The Phone Rings III

It was Wednesday morning, 05:30, The house phone rang with a caller ID that I did not recognize. I did not answer which is my usual response. 10 minutes later it’s rang again same caller ID. A quiet whisper said “ answer this as it is important “. The call was from the Transplant clinic. My son’s 5 year wait was about to end. He received 5 more calls before everything was in place and we headed to the hospital.

With the COVID-19 pandemic surrounding us we were only aloud on visitor for the entire stay, my wife was not happy. Upon arrival to the hospital it was like attempting to enter a Top Secret classified site. This was frustrating, but understandable. Our journey was almost done. He was taken to surgery, received the kidney, recovered and taken to his room. Everything went very well and the precious gift was already working exceptionally well.

The next journey is now starting, keeping the Transplant from being rejected. This will be a very disciplined task. Taking anti-rejection meds on time and consistently, eating healthy, and following the process laid out by the transplant team.

Had I not answered that phone, we would have missed receiving this blessing. Kidney Transplantation affects more than just the recipient. The family of the donor, in my sons procedure, has lost a loved one, and must be thanked, supported, and prayed for just as we pray for my son to heal and maintain this gift. In this case I wish to give thanks and pray for the family that chose to share this gift of life. Maybe some day we will meet and share our story together, may God comfort you and keep you.

Remember, “When the phone rings”, answer it as it may god calling to bless you.

Leap Day

Once every 4 years February Adds one day.I will not bore you with the scientific reasoning, I will just state the facts. EVery Child born on February 29th , While thier Physical and Mental ages are a constant, their chronological age skewed. A baby born at 00:01 on February 29th 2020, has to wait til 2024 to have thier first birthday. Can you just imagine that person graduating from High School at the age of 3.

It is just an amusing tid bit for today….. Happy Birthday to all that were born on February 29th.

‘‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

It was the week before Christmas and all through the state, not a moment went by that anyone could hate.

Christmas is a time of love, hope, and giving. It is not about all the commercialism that has become so prevalent. It is sad to see Christmas decorations being put out before Halloween. Last year we waited until after Thanksgiving to decorate the yard and this year I am getting ready to decorate the week before Christmas.

The real meaning of Christmas is more simplistic. We celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s gift to man, he sent him to give us hope and to forgive us of our Sin’s. To quote the Bible; “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬



Merry Christmas to all.

Thunder Road

From the middle of April when the Meteorologist in the different Local stations begin to talk about the need to be prepared for severe weather. Personally, I stay with News9 with David Payne and his staff of meteorologist and Storm trackers. They are a committed group of people that work hard to keep the viewing audience informed. Val and Amy Castor are some of the bravest trackers out their and they have experience that makes them a vital part of the weather team. His new Truck is a custom rig that is basically a moving weather station with all the different equipment and computers. While it is an asset, he (Val) has a unique voice that. When he see’s a rotation in the clouds his adrenalin kicks in and it cause his vocal pitch to go higher and when he see’s one on the ground he is at a pitch of extreme Alarm. By that I mean, in my opinion, he is excited yet very concerned to get the word out and help save lives. I want to give the owners of KWTV 9, The Griffin family, a huge thank you. They have put together a great team in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. They have provided their team with the State-of-the-Art equipment and has given the chief Meteorologists’ the go ahead to go wall to wall with the coverage. It is important to them to help keep the people safe. I have recently seen some memes on social media depicting David Payne Pointing to the Storm trackers video that is projected on the Green wall the he stands in front of saying “Look right here, a  tornado on the ground” and behind him in a photo-shopped add-in of a Women with thick gasses bending over as if to be trying to see what he is pointing at. It is supposed to be humor and a satire of how David gets excited when they get a shot of a tornado. Yes, in Oklahoma it is funny to watch and listen to them as they are covering storms, But I would rather watch their so called “humorous” antics then to be caught unaware of a dangerous situation. You come to realize that it is Dead Serious reporting and they are trying to keep us safe and prepared. They do not go Wall-To-Wall unless it is a serious threat. Yesterday, May 25th,2019, they were on air almost all day with chaser traveling all over the state, he had been warning us for a few days that the system of storms approaching us were a threat to produce Large Hail, Damaging winds and the possibility of tornadoes. Unfortunately, at 10:28 PM El Reno was hit with a Tornado that damaged several mobile homes and destroyed a small Motel. It was only on the ground for a few minutes and only for approximately 2.5 miles, but at least 2 people lost their lives and 16 or more people were injured. That same system then dropped another Tornado in Oklahoma City which went through The UPTOWN and Paseo districts cause damage. The Paseo District is hosting “The Paseo Arts Festival” and one of the restaurants had a Patio full of Patrons enjoying the festival, the management was watching the continuous coverage and a manager informed all the patrons to move inside and guided them to the basement of the establishment. That saved lives and prevented injuries. It caused minimal damage and the festival will go on. At the time of my creating this post those are the numbers. Garth Brooks had a hit Song “Thunder Road” I thank him for the title. Oklahoma has been called “Tornado Alley” and we are just leaving the month where we have the most Tornado’s, but the danger doesn’t end on May 31st.  With the weather system that is in place and all the factors are taking into consideration (i.e. Movement of the Jet stream, Moisture coming up from the Gulf) we will more than likely continue to have more severe weather.  That same pattern happens every year some years worse than others. The weather this year has been resupplying the state with copious amounts of precipitation, so much so that we are having flooding all over the state. This “Memorial Day “weekend, we are thankful for those that have died in service of our country, in the defense of our freedom. We must also pray for those that suffered a loss yesterday from the weather. We continue to Pray for those that are involved in the search and rescue efforts on going in El Reno. I hope that all that take the time to read this will continue to pray for all of us. God Bless Oklahoma, and God Bless America!