Why Do I Blog?

imageI have been thinking about why we do what we do. Why do I blog? Have you ever asked that question of yourself? I have read other blogs for information and for business, but when I ask myself the question, I have yet to find the best I answer. I find that this is common with most people. Some people blog to vent, some to inform, some to be critical of others or of anything, and some to enlighten. I find that the posting of my opinion, isn’t any  different than discussing any topic with anyone. My intentions are  to inform or enlighten,  The perspective is based on my values. This can lead to discussions with others that may have a different outlook. My hope is that the others will apply the same courtesy to me that I do to all that read and comment. This is only my opinion, it is like a buffet, take want you want and leave what you don’t. It is never personal. I respect of the opinions of others and I would hope that they would extend me the same respect. If they don’t, my answer is “that is their problem and they will get over it eventually.”  To enlighten and stir thought. That is what is sometimes lacking in our culture today. Politician’s tend to forget why they were elected. They made a promise to their constituents to represent them in government. The lure of power sometimes corrupts them even when their intentions are honorable.  The power and influence is not free, the price is turning from the individuals to the special interest groups, PAC’s, Unions, Big Corporations and other politicians. I would be remiss if I included every elected official in this group. I do know that some are true to their constituents.  Today  a different culture exists where a man’s word is no longer his worth. Now when a person makes a statement as if it is a fact than they back-peddle claiming they were misquoted or what they said is not what they meant… Go figure. Why did they say it then. Our culture  has become reactionary and thoughtless rather that Proactive and thoughtful. If you agree “like” this Post, if you do not, respectfully give your thoughts and comments. Please think about “Why Do I Blog”.