What Is Best For America

I will preface this post with the Statement: Listed below are the opinions of the author. It is not the intent to offend or discriminate. The statements are as factual as the author could check. Your choice is not to argue with or agree with the opinion, but to form your own opinion. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

America has lost her brilliance over the years because of the apathy of the people to care about what can be done as a group. 

When our framers founded this country, the set forth how our government should operate. They made sure that there would be no “State Sponsored” religion, People would be free to practice their religion without fear of government restriction. The Press would be free to print whatever it would print, and people would have the right to assemble and speak thier opinions.

The founders also based this on the Christian Bible as that was what the people of the colonies refered to. Saying a prayer in a public building was allowed, Each session of Congress was started with a Prayer, The Supreme Court has on its Walls of the chamber The Ten Commandments.

The government is more concerned with political correctness, climate change, and enriching themselves at the cost of the middle class.
We have two candidates running for the same office. One, a career politician that has demonstrated they are in it for themselves first, they have sold their influence for large donations to their foundation, and when supposed to be funneling donations sent to them to help out a disaster area in the Caribbean they use their office to direct the funds to crony contractors and only six homes were built. While on their watch they put the national security at risk by using a private server that had confidential and top-secret documents funneled through it in emails. The only reason that Department of Justice did not prosecute them was the fact that it would have implemented the now sitting POTUS. It’s sad that this candidate has no real issues to improve the conditions of the United States. What’s even more atrocious is the fact that the national media is breaking their back to make sure that this candidate is elected. If you like your lifestyle today, I ask you several simple questions.

  • “Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?”
  • “Is America safer today than it was eight years ago?”.
  • “Do you believe that the government should be responsible for every aspect of your life and take care of all of your needs?”
  • “Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States as written by the founders?”
  • Think about this, exercise your privilege to vote on November 8.
  • Accept responsibility for your vote and the government that you elect.

It’s your choice America, research the facts not just what the politicians claim and make an informed decision.
Forget political parties, vote for America, its security, its economy and the restoring of our greatness and benevolence.

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