When I was but 18 years old, I felt I had a grasp on Life. I was, as all teenagers think they are; invincible,  immortal, going to be a success in what ever I decided to do. I had joined the US Navy, and proceeded to discover that I was none of the above with exception of the last. I still knew I could succeed in anything I put my mind to. It was the early 70’s and I like many other young men was proud to serve our country, yet I still wanted control over some of my destiny. I had a desire to become a surgeon and I listened to my recruiter and received a guaranteed school seat at Hospital Corps School. That is where I discovered that Navy corpsmen were the Medical support of the Marine Corps. At this time we were still sending troops to Vietnam. I graduated Hospital Corps School and was shipped to Rhode Island for duty in a Naval Hospital and the transferred to Sea Duty aboard the Newest class Of Carriers in the day The USS Nimitz CVAN* 68. In 1975 or 76 The DoD decided we did not want to suggest that we were an attack vessel so the powers that be changed the designation to CVN 68. After getting out of the service I still had that interest in medicine and continued my career. Working in a local ER as a Tech then going to school and finally becoming a Registered Nurse. Yes Nursing was where I landed because I cared more about helping those in need (It was also easier to get into nursing school vs. Med school). I eventually Specialized in Nephrology (Kidneys) and love teaching patients to manage their dialysis at home. You might be asking what does this have to do with Inspiration? To be able to work with someone who has been told they will not live unless the do a procedure several times a week, to teach them to do this therapy at home and allow them a little more freedom in their life is inspiring. Freedom Is not Free! It has to be fought for and earned.