Oklahoma – A State with Four Seasons

I am sure that the title of this grabbed your attention because living in Oklahoma, one would ask themselves “what does he mean four seasons”? When someone speaks of “Four Seasons” I think of winter, spring, summer and fall. In Oklahoma we have winter, summer, tornado, and football.
This year, 2018, are winter was one of the coldest on record. We went from winter bypassing spring except for all the rain straight to summer. Although this summer was not as hot as some, it was wetter than most. Tornado season, usually starts late March early April and ends around June. Not this year, we had outbreaks of tornadoes in October. The final season is football. It starts when it’s summer and ends in winter. You go from 95°F with the humidity and heat index feeling more like 100°F to snow and 30° or lower. Of course I am estimating the snow and temperatures because it’s only October.
Enjoy this levity and have a wonderful rest of the year.